Calorie Composition: A Drive-Through Window to the American Soul

Guy Hepner is pleased to announce the return of Dave Pollot’s Calorie Composition series with a solo exhibition opening in our New York gallery. The exhibition will feature eight unique paintings and limited edition prints from Dave’s famed series. Calorie Composition: A Drive-Through Window to the American Soul will open in New York on Thursday September 24th via appointment only.

Please contact the gallery at info@guyhepner.comcreate new email to make the arrangements. The hand embellished and limited editions prints will be available world wide to shop online at from Thursday September 24rd at 2pm EST.

The Calorie Composition series involves using items from contemporary American life set against classical, vintage, and thrifted still life backgrounds to represent the balance between indulgence and temperance in a time where the “middle path” seems to be growing increasingly narrow.  This show, subtitled A Drive-Through Window to the American Soul is a continuation of the series which was introduced late last year, but focuses more specifically on the Western experiences and circumstances that helped create and shape our 70 year relationship with fast food.

While Pollot hopes that his work encourages the viewer to ask difficult questions, the paintings that make up this show (whose backgrounds and subjects were chosen quite intentionally) are neither a condemnation or celebration of any one particular company or industry.  Rather, this show is an attempt to find the beauty in balance – to celebrate the good, constructively condemn and learn from the bad, and realize that both are important aspects in any relationship.  At the end of the day, a good composition can lead to a beautiful painting.