Bibi Lei: Fight For Love

Guy Hepner Editions is pleased to present “Fight For Love” – a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Bibi Lei opening January 12th, 2023.

Born in 1985 in Macau, Bibi Lei is a Portuguese-Chinese artist based in Tokyo. Describing herself as a childlike soul that never grows old, Lei’s love of painting and motherhood manifests itself in self-taught painting skills with primarily fingers and brushes that express ecstatic freedom.

Fight For Love by Bibi Lei

Her spirited little girl superheroes explore, dance, and float through the fantastical worlds of Lei’s creation, bringing an unadulterated dreaminess, love, and hope that embodies the art of Bibi Lei. Her works intuitively perceive a world of purity and wonder while conjuring up a mesmerizing universe of color and sensation.

Star Honor by Bibi Lei

For her first solo exhibition in New York, artist Bibi Lei will take the view on a journey to battle for love. The works are inspired by brave folktales of female warriors from the east & west like Mulan & Joan of Arc – all with different ethnicities, uniting for a common cause. 

With the power of love, they create joy and happiness in the world against evil. Through her little girls in the paintings, Bibi expresses the brave, pure & noble mentality she would like people to be conscious of. “I believe every girl I paint is different. They all have distinct subtle facial emotions. She is genderless. She could be me, you, or anyone if you can relate to your inner child.” says Bibi Lei.

This series of paintings will take you across colorful land and sea. It is a journey to Bibi Lei’s mind of joyful euphoria.

Rainbow Sea Slash by Bibi Lei

Join us for the opening reception of Bibi Lei’s solo exhibition “Fight For Love”, Thursday January 12th from 6-8pm EST at Guy Hepner Editions – 521 W. 26th St, Floor 4, New York. 

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