Ben Evans: Print Release and Showcase

Guy Hepner and The TAX Collection are pleased to present an artist showcase and exclusive print release with LA Based artist Ben Evans. The exhibition will feature unique paintings and limited edition prints from Ben’s latest body of work. The prints will be available world wide to shop online at from Thursday January 23rd at 2pm EST. Please join us for the showcase and signing the same evening with the artist. The prints will be on view and available to purchase alongside original paintings from 6-8pm.

Girl in Chair by Ben Evans

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ben Evans has grown to be a world-renown, internationally-recognized contemporary artist. He is notorious for exploring serious topics and themes through a satirical lens—looking at the feelings of solitude and independence, topics of kink and marijuana, sociopolitical issues, and more.

Still Life With Flower by Ben Evans

After making his artistic debut in February 2018 at the prestigious Guy Hepner Art Gallery in New York City, his career has really taken off and taken Evans around the world to the galleries and art spaces in Paris, Italy, Los Angeles, Japan, and Australia.

“The main inspirations I’ve been taking from are interiors that are familiar to me. I have a really deep connection with spaces and the way that humans interact inside a home,” Ben explains, adding “The figures are meant to embody the viewer and stand as something we can see in all of us.”

Green No. 1 by Ben Evans

“I see all of [my] paintings as film stills more than anything, truly. Making things that feel performative is fun for me because it allows me to be campy with the imagery, and existing in a campy space is where I’m most comfortable.”

Acid Bria and Acid Penelope by Ben Evans

Ben Evans uses his art as a way to expose and normalize what people do behind closed doors. His illustrations feature satirical contrasts, such as a man stuffing his face with food whilst laying on a treadmill with the caption “fitspo.” He often draws people smoking weed or with ungroomed body hair- all things many normal people have and do but pretend otherwise. His Instagram handle name “benisright” reflects his take on society. He is most definitely right that everyone has at least one ‘bad’ habit that they prefer to keep behind closed doors.