Ben Evans: Poolside

Ben Evans Presents “Poolside” A Solo Exhibition

Guy Hepner is pleased to present Ben Evans’s latest solo exhibition, Poolside. The exhibition will be open in New York City from October 7th to November 19th, and will feature seven original paintings in Evan’s neo-noir, campy style.

In his latest exhibition, Evans creates intimate depictions of youth, touching on all too familiar elements of growing up. Whether it be a stoic moment between friends or an expressionless gaze of a figure contemplating life beyond the short term freedom of a summer, Evans expertly captures the outward manifestations of the internal dialogues of our childhood, dreaming of more days beside the pool before the gravity of adulthood becomes all-consuming.

Please contact info@guyhepner.comcreate new email for more information, to enquire about presale opportunities, or confirm general opening hours.