B.D. White: I Can’t Recall It Lightly At All

On Thursday June 25th Guy Hepner and The TAX Collection are pleased to release a new series with BD White featuring ten unique hand gilded originals and a set of three prints. The prints will be available to shop online at guyhepnereditions.com from 2pm EST.

BD White entered the art scene by painting hundreds of streetlight bases throughout New York City. Despite his spinal injury, he earned a reputation as a prolific street artist using spray paint and stencils as his main medium.

What some call “street art,” B.D. dubs “mindful vandalism” and despite his inability to easily flee if discovered, B.D. began to create compelling art on the streets in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Taking advantage of his seated position, his works were uniquely placed very low on walls and street lamps, areas where others may not have thought of using.

Please contact info@guyhepner further details or to enquire about pre-sale opportunities.