André Wendland: Exclusive Release

On Thursday, May 6th we are excited to introduce André Wendland to Guy Hepner Editions with our first program of original paintings. The exclusive works will be available to shop directly online on Thursday from 2pm EST at Please contact info@guyhepner for more information or presale opportunities.

German oil painter André Wendland explores the mediums and channels through which media and images are impressed upon a viewer. Using his signature thick application of oil paint, he hopes to highlight the boundaries between iconic iconography as it exists in digital and physical spaces.

“Nowadays it has become normal to spend hours in front of screens every day. Here, too, one finds oneself in a certain way in virtual spaces that are often unrealistic. Paintings are also something virtual on the display, but in contrast to the digital image world, they are something tangible and palpable as an object. Inspired by cartoons and animation, I also consider the canvas as a screen and the first “televisions” are created in my studio.”

“In this theme, I am attracted by the impasto application of oil paint when translating it into painting. Through the palpable thickness of the paint, I try to make the virtual motif from the digital world more real in a certain way. In this way, I want to trigger the desire to reach out and touch the picture, as if it were actually a kind of touchscreen.”