I'm All Ears by Yool Kim

Yool Kim

Unique works by Yool Kim

Seoul-based artist Yool Kim, born 1982, graduated from Hongik University Graduate School of Industry in 2015 with a degree in Colour Studies, including the science of colour and nature of personal colour. This raised awareness in the artist of the way colour interacts with a person based on both their context and their current emotional state – not merely their complexion.

Kim navigates ideas of identity and subconscious mind through her mixed media on linen artworks. Her paintings focus on figures expressing a form of ‘disorder’, portrayed not only through facial expressions, but through a veritable bleed of the concept throughout the piece. The aim being to express the sometimes dissatisfaction and dizziness that inevitably comes with the human experience.

Kim’s work often highlights her own self-expressions that have not yet been finalized, an expression that crystallized in a state of evolution through her work. Her work is delicate and beautiful shroud in stark and multifaceted story. It is circular and undulating, immersing the viewer in a sea of reason that can only arrive at the emotional as the artist intends.

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