Sculptures by Dan Baldwin

Vases and Sculptures by Dan Baldwin

Born in Manchester , Dan Baldwin studied at Eastbourne College of Art and Design and then Maidstone School of Art,(Kent Institute of Art and Design). Baldwin’s work is collected and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Baldwin creates a landscape that simultaneously reflects reality, the power of the imagination and the private, inner workings of his mind. His style has a unique aesthetic which is difficult to categorize. Working by instinct, it can change dramatically depending on the subject matter he is exploring and the emotions he is channeling.

In 2005, he started to paint pots ,as an extention of his painting practice – in 2011 he started working alongside Siscilian potter Roberto Gagliano , pushing boundaries in clay and 3d cast objects which reflect the mixed media objects of his paintings.Their recent pieces are complex two part ‘urns’ with sculptural lids, cast objects from life & scale of up to 5ft. His pieces have been collected by Liam Howlett, Maxim (The Prodigy),Chris Packham,Gem Archer & Andy Bell (Oasis,Beady Eye),Jo Whiley,Petra Ecclestone,Holly Willoughby,Ant Mcpartlin,Sir Ronald Cohen,Max Lousada,Nick Candy,Shepard Fairey, Alison Mosshart, Gavin Bond & Jake Chapman.

He has worked with brands as diverse as Atomic Skis,Max factor, Sara Berman, and recently Paolo Nutini on his no.1 album of 2014. In July 2011 he featured on the cover of Art Of England magazine.Voted critics choice on Saatchi online in 2008 and selected to be on episode 5 of the first ever series of The Apprentice alongside Rob and Nicky Carter.He is in the permanent collection of the Groucho club ,The Wellington and Cafe Royal. From 2013/2014 he was managed by Pat Magnarella & Roger Klein, who manage the US rock band Green Day & also managed D.Face ,& Charming Baker – They presented two successful pop up exhibitions, ‘Fragile’ in Gallery 8, St james, London & The End of Innocence, in NYC’s Meatpacking district. He has donated pieces to a number of charities since 2003, including Teen Cancer USA,Redcross,Rainforest Foundation,Kennesaw Skatepark,Big Issue,Willow, Macmillan,Shelter,Murray Parish, SMart-network,Chesnut Tree House Childrens Hospices,and supports the Teenage Cancer Trust and British Heart Foundation currently.


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Vodoo by Dan Baldwin
Vodoo by Dan Baldwin