Neon by FTA Collective


Neon- The Land That Time Forgot

FTA Collective’s inaugural 2013 collection The Land That Time Forgot features installation pieces focusing on well known words from authors and poets that have been lost in time. FTA aims for each work to be visually seamless and flawless in composition.

FTA Collective is an artistic collaboration between multiple international artists under the pseudonym FTA. Influenced by the anonymity of British street artist Banksy, FTA work anonymously as a statement against the commercialization of art and the cult of celebrity artists. FTA believe that art should be judged purely on its aesthetic and ideological values, not on who the artist is. Specializing in high gloss, politically provoking subject matter, FTA neon ‘s aim to enfranchise collectors beyond the realm of collecting “name artists”.

Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City is pleased to present FTA Collective Neons art for sale. Inquire on prices to buy FTA Collective neon artwork.


pop art, neo pop art, street art
Wisdom of the Heart (Neon) by FTA Collective
Wisdom of the Heart (Neon) by FTA Collective