Iconoclast by Gillean Clark

Iconoclast by Gillean Clark

Iconoclast is the all new collection by urban painter Gillean Clark. Iconoclast is a series of unpredictable portraits of creative visionaries whose passion for what they do has transformed our culture.The collection features vintage magazine and newspaper articles as the backdrop to the painting. In a juxtaposition of reality and art, Clark creates his paintings on the articles about said Icons.

About Gillean Clark:

As a young child Gillean Clark remembered constantly painting and drawing. However, he rejected art in his teen years, until his move to New York City. It was in NYC thatClark embraced the allure to the artist life. He then began introducing the techniques he had learned as a kid and creating a style all his own.

The combination of high and low art has played a fundamental role in Clark’s work. He grew up visiting countless museums, and seeing master works, only to then be influenced by more primitive street artists like Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Clark says,

” I found the path back to the medium of painting through gerhard Richter. These works mark yet another progression; a deterioration rather, back to atime where my stroke counted like a firm handshake and each mark of a fat tip pen or spray of a can had a unique signature. I have come to the point where I recognize that I am best realized through my art and no longer feel constrained nor limited by skill and technique as I once was, yet continue to challenge myself to achieve an insurmountable steady ground.My interest is in the silence, the subtle suggestion of things. I attempted to create something more restrained than provocative, expose complexity in simplicity, the tenuous nature of strength. This is my interpretation of the matter that make up truths we all struggle to understand; my attempt to acknowledge bits of my life, the nature of all things and this world free from trepidation.”