High Rollers by the Ultravelvet Collection

High Rollers by the Ultravelvet Collection uses color and pattern to focus on the role of money is society.

There is an acronym “C.R.E.A.M.” that deems “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” and this is the central theme running through the Color of Money series. In order to make the most out of our daily existence on this planet, every human being’s  focus is money. Here the Ultravelvet Collective reinterprets the physical appearance of the bills while playing with the metaphor of money’s true ‘color’ both literally and figuratively.This series  is birthed out of the interaction between photography and graphic design and fuses bold graphic images from both mediums.

The Color of Money defaces currency in order to open up a dialogue about the manner in which money drives consumer culture. Money is the universal vehicle for expression it can or can’t buy you love, happiness or simply bring about more problems and suffering. One way or the other, it is a necessary agent and is here begin utilized as the canvas for social commentary.

Los Angeles based artist Meredith Rose is the creator of the extraordinary Ultravelvet collection. Work is produced on 120mm film using a pinhole style camera from the 1960’s.The haunting complexity of these images, beautifully defaces society’s obsessions with a signature use of vivid color and pop art imagery detailed by hand. Meredith Rose draws in all viewers with the haunting complexity of these pieces.