City Life by Ultravelvet Collection

City Life, the Ultravelvet Collection that takes an artistic spin at interpreting some of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet attempts to convey what a city would look like if it were rendered in elements of color, line and movement. 

There is inspiration in City Life for residents and visitors alike. Upon each and every visitor to a new city, an indelible mark is inevitably left behind. Some travel to far places in order to eat their way through a new culture, some are in search of spirituality, most visit to grace their eyes with sights unlike any they have ever seen and some will be reuniting with relatives and friends, only of course to create new ones. Still someone calls every travel destination home.

City Life takes a spin at some of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. The prints depict the chaos and spontaneity of city life through abstract shapes and colors. One can compare the approach of these unique prints to the impact of jazz music. The sounds of blaring traffic and bustling crowds reverberate pumping life into every single corner of these concrete jungles.

Los Angeles based artist Meredith Rose is the creator of the extraordinary Ultravelvet collection. Work is produced on 120mm film using a pinhole style camera from the 1960’s.The haunting complexity of these images, beautifully defaces society’s obsessions with a signature use of vivid color and pop art imagery detailed by hand.