Around the World with Jacob Riglin

Around the World with Jacob Riglin

@Jacob travels all over the world capturing inspiring cityscapes and unique perspectives on natural phenomena sent ripples through the Instagram community and attracted over a hundred thousand followers in less than twelve months, he is a leader of the new generation of emerging millennial photographers, unrestricted by the rules and opinion of the older generation. His passion lies with Architectural and Landscape Photography but Jacob also enjoys experimenting with other techniques like Macro and Studio based work as well.

Often contrasting the static environment of the city or the physical landscape with the turbulence of the weather and the movements of the crowds, Jacob’s photographs show maturity and versatility beyond his years, climbing to the summits of buildings or bridge cables, Jacob goes quite literally to the extreme to find the shot that inspires the viewer.

An extensive and passionate traveller, Riglin has captured sunrise and sunset across four continents. He recognises that his craft benefits from both structured, planned shoots and lucky angles. “I’m after the second glance,” he says. “If I see someone pause and look again, then I know I have captured something special.”

For Jacob, the initial shot itself is only the start. Post-processing takes time and meticulous attention and each image requires something unique:

“Post-processing is another opportunity for my creative style to shine through. It gives the photographer the opportunity to really make the image their own.”

His immensely popular images capture rare vantage points of some of the worlds most popular cities. His bold and daring commitment to getting the shot, even if it means risking his life. The infamous Bare Feet ( Night Version) Has now become iconic on Instagarm. In the shot, @Jacob dangles his feet from the very top of his hotel rooftop in the middle of Times Square.