Andy Dollar Sign by Gad Berry

Gad Berry made “Andy Dollar” in tribute to the king of Pop Art Andy Warhol. This sculpture symbolizes the artistic power of $$$.

Gad Berry grew up in a family of artists. For him , beauty is everywhere and  he travels the world in search of images . In 2007 he made his first trip to the United States. Here he photographed everything with intense passion. ” No country and no continent “,that is Gad’s art. A mixture between two cultures, European and American. Very quickly after his trip to America, Gad realized that photography was not enough to fulfill his creative needs. He then found Pop Art, a new way he could express himself  using strong symbols such as money and celebrities to present his view on life.

Gad is concerned with using American aesthetic that moves its European counterpart, and its European vision who enjoys the excesses of America. Mixing styles and subtle paradoxes. Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon , Johnny Cash , JFK and more recently Jack Nicholson, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman exposed at the last Cannes Film Festival. Gad Berry is an artist in constant evolution .

Today the work of his images on crumpled paper , becomes a surprising concept: 3D photo sculptures remind us that time passes and can be devastating . From photography to sculpture, a journey, especially a need for Gad to materialize his images. Thus grenade Coke became sculpture ” Magic Coke”. Merger of two strong and universal symbols that deliver a peace message to all generations. The association and fusion of two objects are given a new identity at the discretion of the artist and his emotions.