Paintings by Marius Sperlich

Marius Sperlich

Guy Hepner is excited to introduce an early preview of our newest collaboration with the TAX collection, a creative collective that revolutionizes the relationship between producer and consumer. These new artists are set apart by their ability to influence through social media and make art as accessible as possible. They not only use their canvas a platform for storytelling, but also their Instagram accounts.

Berlin based photographer Marius Sperlich gives a great attention to detail that reflects in his close up photographic works. He tugs on the triggers of lust by incorporating objects such as dollar bills, pills, and spaghetti in close contact with the body parts of his subjects. Sperlich uses textures such as glitter and milk to capture movement. His photography takes a riskier route by pushing all boarders- even painting beach waves on armpit hair and sticking toy guns in mouths. Sperlich’s Instagram following skyrocketed as he found a unique way to bridge art with typical Instagram content- even making gifs out of his designs.