Deluge by David LaChapelle

Deluge by David LaChapelle

Deluge, inspired by the Deluge painted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel, symbolizes the decline of universal values such as kindness and empathy and the ever growing attraction to material goods.

Referencing art history, religion and pop culture, Deluge depicts men, women and children refugees in the midst of the apocalyptic storm.

Rome has been a milestone in the artistic life of David LaChapelle. In 2006, during a journey in Italy, the artist had the chance for a private visit of the Sistine Chapel; his artistic sensibility was so unsettled by the beauty and power of Roman art that those elements give the ultimate drive to the necessity of a change of his artistic production.

Until the creation of Deluge, LaChapelle preferred that his photos be published on fashion magazines and books, without critical texts. The goal had never been to restrict to the mere picture, but to reach the broader audience as possible – this was the way to be a pop artist – and lead the lecture of his work on emotional shock level.

The Deluge marked a meaningful turning point in the artistic path of David LaChapelle.

Through the realization of The Deluge the artist returns to conceiving works with the unique purpose to exhibit in art galleries and in museums. A work that is not commissioned and destined to the pages of a fashion magazine or an advertising campaign.

After The Deluge, the American photographer begins to produce artwork with new aesthetic and conceptual concerns.