Antiquity Series: In Depth

Jeff Koons Antiquity Series: In Depth
Jeff Koons is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the contemporary era and has continued to pioneer the development of the readymade and delve deeper into the collision of high art and pop culture.
Originally conceptualized between 2008 and 2012, Koons’ Antiquity paintings explore the ability of an image to fluctuate between the three dimensional and two dimensional sphere. Each image from the series centres around a famous ancient or classical sculpture, which grows in complexity, as Koons transitions between the sculpture and the painting.
, Antiquity Series: In Depth

Antiquity 3 by Jeff Koons


“In his Antiquity series, Koons revisits themes of eros, libido, fertility and feminine beauty as represented throughout the history of art. The series combines images that depict Greco-Roman sculptures as well as paintings of a more contemporary, photo-realist type of feminine beauty, like that of actress Gretchen Mol posing as the famous pinup Bettie Page.”
In 2019, five images from the series were published as works on paper. Each limited to an edition of 20, the archival pigment prints are also donned with foil embellishments. Underneath, Koons overlays numerous images that reference his career, as well as the wider context of art history.
, Antiquity Series: In Depth

Antiquity (Manet) by Jeff Koons


Koons places one image across the series as a method to reference his fondness for double entendres. At first glance the image is a child-like drawing of a sailboat with a sun and two hills that is rendered in foil-stamped copper, but with closer examination the drawing can also be seen as the outline of Courbet’s voyeuristic painting L’Origine du monde.
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