KAWS has produced relatively few prints as an artist, and as such they are hard to source and are not frequently available. KAWS\' The Dissected Companion series is the most well known series of prints, based on his vinyl toys and sculptures of an anatomy model. KAWS has created other prints based on his distortion series of works including Kate Moss with white gloves. KAWS prints are normally screen prints in editions of 50 or 100, which KAWS signs and numbers individually on the front.

Brian Donnelly, aka “KAWS”, manifested himself for the first time in the early 1990s by painting walls and writing graffiti in and around Jersey City and New York. In the mid-1990s, KAWS began appropriating advertisements from bus shelters and phone booths in New York City and painting a graphic, cartoon-like skull-and-crossbones image into them. KAWS continued to develop this motif for the next few years, re-working advertising materials not only in bus shelters and phone booths in New York City, but in Paris, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. KAWS\' work has been featured in numerous publications, as well as exhibited at Colette, Paris, PARCO Gallery, Tokyo, MU Art Foundation, the Netherlands, as well as at BAPE Gallery, Tokyo. KAWS\' recent work has been influenced by iconic characters from modern pop culture, such as Mickey Mouse, “The Michelin Man”, and The Simpsons. KAWS’ work treads the fine line between art, commerce, cartoons, and commercials. It is a disruption of, as well as a tribute to, all objects produced, bought, sold, exchanged, desired, and cherished. KAWS studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and currently lives in Brooklyn.

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